Finishing Touches For Laminate Wood Flooring

Below given are some ideas and tips from Wood2u website to make the edges of the laminate wood flooring and the skirting of the room look tidy once the job is done.

* Radiator covers: They are wood-effect round discs that can be used to cover any or all of the lousy untidy pieces that are left around the open holes for the radiator pipes. There are some clips that fall exactly into place around the base of the given pipe and there are some that are plain flat discs which are required to be stuck on the radiator areas. There are also natural wood material pipes that can help you cover all the areas.

* Threshold bars: It is easy to fix a threshold bar in the room space doorway which creates a neat joint in-between the newly laid floor and the area of flooring of the adjacent room. These bars come in different designs.